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Security Officers are the first point of contact for staff and customers so therefore their presence is essential in helping to bring peace and promote a safe working environment.

Statistics prove that by having a Security Officer on a site can also deter criminal activity immensely, such as damage, graffiti, stealing and assaults. Apart from the criminal element, Security Officers provide quality customer service and interaction with clients and customers at your premises, as well as providing constant monitoring of your assets and building.


Maintaining a sense of security at any business premises not only provides peace of mind for business owners and management, but it also promotes a safe working environment for employees and makes customers aware that your business is concerned with their safety.

About our guards

tatewide Security only employs quality Security Officers that possess operational skills and security experience at a level that leaves you, the client, satisfied that your asset is being managed and protected by the same officer that surpasses your expectations.

All Statewide Security Officers possess the key criteria to work within the security industry in Western Australia which include:

To ensure that Statewide Security Officers stand out to other Security Officers within the industry, our specialised management team take each Security Officer under their wing and mould them to be unique and present themselves to be the best they can be with their skill set. This is achieved by: