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Statewide Security only employs quality Crowd Control Officers that possess operational skills.

Statewide Security Crowd Controllers are highly trained and licensed to operate at various levels, whether it is for a Private Event, Charity, Seminar, VIP Event or Corporate Function up to 500 people or it is for   Sporting Function, Concert or Music Festival up to 30,000 people, Statewide Security can manage such events covering all siutations such as uninvited guests, event crashers, under-age patrons and intoxicated patrons.

It is stated that Crowd Controllers are calculated as an extra cost to your business, but our Crowd Control services can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding damage to property, workers compensation claims, OHS claims, civil action against venue or event organiser and even Police prosecution.

Our Crowd Controller service will monitor the behaviour and conduct of all patrons at your event or site to ensure the safety and security of your clients, your product, your staff, your patrons, yourself and of course your reputation.


Maintaining a sense of security at any business premises not only provides peace of mind for business owners and management, but it also promotes a safe working environment for employees and makes customers aware that your business is concerned with their safety.

About our Crowd Control Officers

All Statewide Crowd Control Officers possess the key criteria to work within the security industry in Western Australia which include:

To ensure that Statewide Crowd Control Officers stand out from other Crowd Control Officers within the industry, our specialised management team take each officer under their wing and mould them to be unique and present themselves to be the best they can be with their skill set. This is achieved by: