Shopping centres are popular and busy environments created for the enjoyments of all visiting customers and shop keepers. Providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment is critical. Shopping Centre management are faced with daily security challenges due to the large number of people all in one spot.

These challenges range of general crime, and liability problems, all of which need to be considered when designing and planning a working security strategy. An important step of this strategy is employing an experienced security company, who will work with the shopping centre management team to satisfy the centre needs and provide a secure and safe environment for everyone.

Benefits of employing Statewide Security Australia

Visual Deterrent

Having security guards physically present at a shopping centre means there is a visual deterrent to people who might be thinking about causing issues or harm to someone. Overall trouble is reduces and means a positive customer experience is maintained. Being comfortable while shopping is greatly valued, and the presence of Statewide Security Australia security officers helps guarantee this.

Public Relations

Having fully uniformed security guards present at your shopping centre also serves as the centre’s ambassadors. Guards should be friendly and offer information when required to customers and shop tenants, adding to the overall positive image of the centre.

Safety Officers

Safety is paramount – our security guards are all skilled in risk and hazard management, prevent of crime, public liability, conflict resolution, first ad, customer service, and emergency response. All of our Statewide Security Australia’s guards have working experience that ensure’s the shopping environment is safe and risk-free, and they are all also experienced when dealing with local police and stakeholders.

Procedures – asset and people protection

Risk management plans and incident reporting are an important part of our guards daily duties, meaning your shopping centre has the minimum monetary and reputation damage possible. Giving shopping customers and tenants and safe and comfortable environment is extremely important. Our combination of high quality guards, and high quality of technology and training means your shopping centre customers feeling of ease is heightened, which is paramount in high activity premises like large shopping precincts.

Contact Statewide Security Australia and feel assured that by employing our security guards at your shopping centre, your business will enjoy low crime rates and shoppers have a pleasant experience.

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